Sunday, September 27, 2009

fall is really here

good morning!! i woke up this morning.. and brrr was it cold!! actually had to turn the heat on..which totally kills me, but i refuse to be cold.. we generally just put on a bit more for clothes..but 60 inside is just a tad bit to much for this gal!! and then the dogs were all surrounding the was so cute.. then the boys were all snuggled up there too!! it is so different here..we dont have a furnace, and there is no vents in the house..they heat hear on propane and oil, and if you have a wood stove that way, but cords of wood are very expensive..most of those sell for about 200 dollars cut and delivered! so that is tough to make that a cost efficent way to heat the house to.. never thought i would say i miss furnaces and vents..pretty odd huh?? and i cannot imagine what heating fuel is going to cost this winter..i am sure it will be expensive.. like last year.. gas prices have gone up like crazy the last few weeks here..we are at 3.19 a gallon right now.. should prove to be a very interesting year.. i sincerely hope that we get a transfer outta here in the next several months.. the cost of living is so high here.. but the transfer we need is one that pays for us to move...they paid almost 38,000 dollars to move us to move ourselves back would be far to much! and a move package would include buying the house as that would allow us to purchase a new one where ever we go!
i hope that larry and his buddy have a good time, but stay safe!
well i am off to finish doing some house work..i hear it calling my name!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

the mighty hunter

Has left for 4 days.. here is hoping it is a great hunt for him.. he is hunting both black bear and brown bear, sitka deer and they are going to go crabbing as well!! i hope he is successful with the hunts!! he has wanted to get a bear for so long..i hope he gets a nice big one! it would be nice for him, make him incredible happy, and when the hubby is happy.. we all are happy!! besides he gets to go and do some guy bonding that in itself will be showers for several days.. sleeping in a tent.. using the great outdoors as your bathroom..ahhhh so glad i am staying home!! i enjoy my showers!! and my own bed.. i love to hunt, but i am a creature of comfort, and that many days in a tent is not my idea of a great time..good thing he cant smell.. :)

so for the next few days we are going to be bums... hoping to go and do lunch with a few friends of mine, and that is about the extent of what i have planned.. read a bit and relax!! when he gets back i will write about how that went.. and keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

sept. 17th

well hello world.. i really had every intention of writing a post on 9-11, but my heart just would not follow what my head wanted to say.. the unbelieveable feelings that still come to me after the horror of that day would be i guess like some who JFK murdered years ago.. still the disbelief that it happened... then we moved on into what is my sons 19th bday on sept. 15... now who told me he could turn 19 already.. i know that it was not in any contract that i signed that said he could get older... but he is, and i dont think i could be more proud of him..he likes to raise a bit of hell, likes to get a bit crazy , but the kid has a big heart, and a great personality.. i love him so much and miss him even more..if that is even possible!! then on sept 16th i celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the death of my friend becky... i know she knows that i know she is watching down on us.. and i know that she knows that i know that she misses me almost as much as i miss her.. bless you my friend..gone but never forgotten..
today i found out that although my aunt is dying of cancer, it does not appear that many of her siblings intend to go and see her as she prepars for this final journey.. i guess i am different then that..i would be there, camped out, to talk and laugh and remember as much as we could in whatever amount of time we had left.. maybe i truly am different then my family.. it hurts me to think that she is going to leave and not have that time with them.. truly their loss.. and one that they will never be able to rectify.
lastly of my concerns.. man what in the holy heck am i gonna do foy my daughter..somedays i feel like i am truly beating my head against a brick wall with her.. but i feel like we have taken some steps towards fixing some of her anger.. a year and a half ago a very good friend of mine, and someone she called her other mom was killed in a car accident.. well she had decided then that there must not be a god because there is no reason for him to have taken her and not someone else.. and no matter how hard i have tried to explain to her how i felt or what i thought.. the message did not get through... well this sunday we went to church, took a step that i have to tell you caused me much thought and much wonder.. i was scared to go, to step out of my little shell and walk into a room full of people i was not sure of , ones i did not know.. and i walked out of there feeling like something that i had been missing was filled, something that was broken could be mended.. i have never cried in church during a sermon, and this time i did, i now know that this is something that has been bothering me and this was something that i needed to fix, and although not fixed, certainly starting to heal... and the best part of the whole day was when we walked out of there not only did dalton say how very much he liked church, but erica said that maybe she was wrong, that there was a god and that the sermon and the minister answered some of her questions...God is good... and for that i thank him.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

what a great way to start a week..lets be honest mondays just dont always roll for me, so to have a monday that starts off with not working..well outside of mommy work..its gonna be a great day!! we also have some good friends of ours coming into town this morning from montana.. very excited to see them, bring a bit of home here!! and then get to show them around k-town! Looks like they might have picked a pretty good day to come, its not raining here, and if its not raining its gonna be nice! The shrimp is thawed, the blueberry pie is made, the salads are in the fridge waiting to be eaten.. we shall feast and visit, becuz that is what friends are for!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Nite

And the way my throat is feeling i should truly be putting myself to bed, however here i am
cruising around the internet likes its a wally world.. sighhh someday i will learn.. but that is what coffee and caffeine are for..right??
Actually finished up some baking and cleaning as we are having some friends from home here tomorrow.. and yes i am so excited!! i love company but i love company from home even more..and yea i am homesick..lets see we have lived here now for about 20 months, and i have been home sick for about 19 months and 2 weeks :), however hopefully someday soon that to will be a thing of the past, until then there are far to many things that i need to conquer!!
I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day!!!