Saturday, September 26, 2009

the mighty hunter

Has left for 4 days.. here is hoping it is a great hunt for him.. he is hunting both black bear and brown bear, sitka deer and they are going to go crabbing as well!! i hope he is successful with the hunts!! he has wanted to get a bear for so long..i hope he gets a nice big one! it would be nice for him, make him incredible happy, and when the hubby is happy.. we all are happy!! besides he gets to go and do some guy bonding that in itself will be showers for several days.. sleeping in a tent.. using the great outdoors as your bathroom..ahhhh so glad i am staying home!! i enjoy my showers!! and my own bed.. i love to hunt, but i am a creature of comfort, and that many days in a tent is not my idea of a great time..good thing he cant smell.. :)

so for the next few days we are going to be bums... hoping to go and do lunch with a few friends of mine, and that is about the extent of what i have planned.. read a bit and relax!! when he gets back i will write about how that went.. and keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well!!

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  1. Oh I am SO not a camper. I don't do that whole sleeping on the ground and going without a shower thing. Lol! Good luck to him, I hope he bags a good one! ;)
    My hubby is going deer hunting for 10 days next week. I'm going to go visit my family for part of that. Ever since I was pregnant with Chicklet I can't stand the taste of wild game anymore. I just get so sick even smelling it while I cook it. So I don't think I'll be too dissappointed if he doesn't get anything. Well, I'll be sad for him, but not for me. You know. ;)
    Have fun chilling while he's gone! :)