Sunday, September 27, 2009

fall is really here

good morning!! i woke up this morning.. and brrr was it cold!! actually had to turn the heat on..which totally kills me, but i refuse to be cold.. we generally just put on a bit more for clothes..but 60 inside is just a tad bit to much for this gal!! and then the dogs were all surrounding the was so cute.. then the boys were all snuggled up there too!! it is so different here..we dont have a furnace, and there is no vents in the house..they heat hear on propane and oil, and if you have a wood stove that way, but cords of wood are very expensive..most of those sell for about 200 dollars cut and delivered! so that is tough to make that a cost efficent way to heat the house to.. never thought i would say i miss furnaces and vents..pretty odd huh?? and i cannot imagine what heating fuel is going to cost this winter..i am sure it will be expensive.. like last year.. gas prices have gone up like crazy the last few weeks here..we are at 3.19 a gallon right now.. should prove to be a very interesting year.. i sincerely hope that we get a transfer outta here in the next several months.. the cost of living is so high here.. but the transfer we need is one that pays for us to move...they paid almost 38,000 dollars to move us to move ourselves back would be far to much! and a move package would include buying the house as that would allow us to purchase a new one where ever we go!
i hope that larry and his buddy have a good time, but stay safe!
well i am off to finish doing some house work..i hear it calling my name!!


  1. My housework doesn't know my name to call it... ;)
    It's been downright cold here at nights lately too! Brrrr! Hubby had to turn the gas back on about 2 weeks ago so it doesn't get too cold in the kids' room at night.
    I hope you get your transfer... to Idaho. :D Hey I can wish, can't I?

  2. Hey you! How are you doing? It's been a while since I heard from you! I miss you. Hope you are well.