Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

what a great way to start a week..lets be honest mondays just dont always roll for me, so to have a monday that starts off with not working..well outside of mommy work..its gonna be a great day!! we also have some good friends of ours coming into town this morning from montana.. very excited to see them, bring a bit of home here!! and then get to show them around k-town! Looks like they might have picked a pretty good day to come, its not raining here, and if its not raining its gonna be nice! The shrimp is thawed, the blueberry pie is made, the salads are in the fridge waiting to be eaten.. we shall feast and visit, becuz that is what friends are for!!


  1. Woohoo for no-work Mondays! :)
    How have you been my friend? We have not really conversed much lately. There's lots coming up in my life soon. Next week is going to be insanely busy I think. I am the kind of person who likes things to be the same- busy scares me! ;)

  2. i am good jess..i know i miss talking more.. like the idea of blogging.. i am so glad you started it.. i love your site!! enjoy life..take a deep breath!! and enjoy!!

  3. Thank you! :) I am really enjoying blogging. I think it takes up an awful lot of time though... I may have to cut back eventually. For now it's like a new toy at Christmas. I can't stop! Lol!